Broadcast Agreement Form

In addition to the payment to be paid in accordance with item 5, GTM pays Sun TV a 10% royalty of the volume of home purchase sales related to these programs, net of returns and postage, for all broadcast hours used in accordance with Item 4. These fees are paid quarterly late. GTM provides Sun TV, since Sun TV can reasonably request the financial or other information necessary to review these royalties. Non-members can place their orders now. Each order contains 50 sheets of each form. The price is $44.95 for 50 sheets. If you need a form, it can be purchased on the NAB website by clicking HERE. 1.3 References to clauses and timetables refer to the clauses and timetables of this agreement, unless the context requires something else and the timetables of that agreement are considered part of that agreement. This agreement and the rights and obligations of the parties under this agreement are governed by the laws of Hong Kong, the Special Administrative Region, the People`s Republic of China, and are interpreted and interpreted in accordance with them, without the choice of legal provisions of this agreement taking effect, and each party to that agreement irrevocably accepts that any legal action or procedure arising from this agreement , convertible borrowing or any proposed agreement or transaction may be filed in the courts of Hong Kong, the Special Administrative Region, the People`s Republic of China, and may expressly submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of these courts for their purposes and expressly refrain from any non-enforcement or non-application, as these courts constitute an embarrassing forum.

Each party irrevocably accepts the meaning of one of the aforementioned courts in such an appeal, appeal or procedure by sending copies of this service by mail, either by registered or authenticated mail, to Porto Prepaid, to its address in Clause 11, this service which takes effect fifteen days after the mail. For years, NAB has facilitated the channel process by publishing its political dossier. A new edition of the PB-19 form has been published by NAB. This new form contains updated questions that must be answered to comply with the new FCC rules.