Lesson 3 Summary Disagreements With Great Britain Answer Key

11 Steps to Independence Declaration of Independence document that tells the world, why colonies should be free Influenced by Enlightened Thinkers The treasure hunt for the Declaration of Independence with a partner on page 65 1 Disagreements with Great BritainChapttre 2 Lesson 3 7 Colonial Dissatisfaction GrowsTaxes to pay off debtsists Boycotts were complete the timeline with a partner 10 Steps Towards IndependenceFirst Continental Congress Seven Delegates from 12 colonies in Philadelphia Discussed issues within the colonies Wrote a letter to Great Britain Boycott of British goods Second Continental Congress May 1775 Lexington and Concord battles were fought Continuing working towards peace or split from Britain? Loyalists vs. Patriot 1776 Thomas Paine published a pamphlet called Common Sense- made the call for independence 3 social and political changes Great awakenings 1740s-1760s Religious movement the leaders of the Church – build a direct relationship with God issue religious authority (Education-politics) king and parliament made rules for the settlers had little voice So far from the colon of Great Britain did not get, got, to choose their leaders in Colony 4 French Indian War Colonies were growing- expanding westward1750s Colonists were moving on territory that belonged to France (west) (Seven Year`s War) Fighting between Bri Greattain and France (with Native Americans) Great Britain won and took control of territory to the Mississippi Proclamation Line of 1763 King George verbot the colonists from settling in the lands won from France 09/17 Bellringer 9/17 Bellringer 9/17 Bellringer : Based on this word cloud, hypothetical three main themes in the declaration of independence? 8 Exit Slips How did the Great Awakening affect colonial attitude? The War of Independence Chapter 4. The events that led to the war The French and Indian War (1754) caused debts for the English. The British wanted settlers. 9 Bell Ringer Choose a tax that would dent you as a colonizer. What for? 2 Ringers Do you generate a list of 5-6 goods that you think the settlers exported during the 1700s? (Study for Vocab Quiz, when finished) HansenName – U.S. HistoryPeriod – Unit I Conference- The Causes of the American Revolution Welcome Guide – I) Long-Term Causes. The revolutionary causes of war, the important people involved in the war, important documents and important battles.