Travel Time Agreement Ihss

Q: I was sent more than one “Provider Workweek – Travel Time Agreement” from SOC2255. What for? Do I have to fill it in? A: Yes – but fill only one of them. For each recipient you work for, a parcel is mailed. It is only necessary to complete one of the SOC2255 forms to return to the county. Fill out the form and return it, even if you don`t travel between recipients. If you don`t want to take travel time, check the “No” question on page 4 and skip section B of the form, but you must sign it and return it with the other information. Please list ALL your recipients on page 3 and evaluate your working hours for each of them to ensure that you do not go beyond the 66-hour per week limit. If you need more disk space, list them on an extra page. The work schedules you list in Part A of this form are only an estimate, and you can actually work more or less than what you list in this form as long as you drive no more than 66 hours per week. The purpose of completing Part A of the form is to make sure you know if you will be near the 66-hour limit, and help you make plans to change your schedule when you need to reduce your hours. If you change or add recipients, you will receive a new package in the email and you should update the SOC2255 form and return it to the county if your schedules or destinations have changed. 2) Exemption 2 “extraordinary circumstances” applies to IHSS providers who provide services to two or more recipients whose circumstances make them vulnerable and place them seriously in out-of-home care when their hours authorized by the IHSS cannot be provided by the existing provider.

To be considered for this exemption, all beneficiaries for whom the supplier works must meet at least one of the following conditions: (a) have complex medical and/or behavioural needs that must be met by a provider who lives in the same house as the recipient. b) housing in a rural or remote area where available suppliers are limited and the recipient cannot therefore hire another supplier. c) Not being able to hire a provider who speaks his or her own language to guide their own care. If you meet the requirements, apply for this exemption by contacting IHSS at 408-792-1600. Choose option 2 for “provider” and then option 3 for overtime to apply for this exemption. Applications for exemptions are reviewed and accepted or rejected by CDSS at the national level, not by social workers in the IHSS county office. The CDSS website here offers a description of this exception.