Venture Capital Model Agreements

According to Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon, the VIMA initiative “complements our national efforts to promote the growth and vitality of Singapore`s venture capital ecosystem.” VIMA is a series of standard documents and contracts to be used in pre-Series A and Series A financing cycles, which are governed by Singapore laws and intended for investment firms in Singapore. This confidentiality agreement assumes that a company provides a potential investor with confidential information about itself. It should be noted that it is not uncommon for VCs to refuse to enter into confidentiality agreements. In October 2014, the BVCA published a revised version of its leaflet model, the subscription and shareholder pact as well as the statutes, as well as accounting information on the handling of preferred shares (as a loan or equity in the company`s accounts). In September 2015, the statutes were amended to amend the Companies Act 2006 with respect to the legal requirements for companies to buy back derintendants. Our standard documents aim to significantly reduce the time and cost of preparing and auditing private capital financing. The CVCA Venture Capital Working Group is responsible for the design and maintenance of Canadian venture capital transaction documents. The objective of the standard agreements is to reduce the need for companies to spend time and money preparing and negotiating venture capital investments, particularly in the initial phase of financing. The documents were developed by a committee of leading lawyers, investors and financiers.

Any model documentation including clean and commented/commented versions of an agenda, an investment agreement, a shareholders` pact, the statutes and the statutes of the board of directors can be downloaded free of charge below. The provision of a standard set of documents, adopted across the sector, allows parties involved in private capital transactions to focus on the general issues of the agreement rather than checking hundreds of pages of unknown documents. NOTE: These documents have been revised by the working group to reflect changes made by the NVCA to NVCA model documents in the summer and early winter of 2020. Venture capital investments are becoming more common in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Taking into account the interests of founders and investors, we want to reduce transaction costs and trading time. Venture capital model agreements (VIMA) provide a series of standardized documentation for use in seed cycles and start-up financing. Venture capital investments are becoming increasingly popular and widespread in Singapore[1] and Southeast Asia, and this trend is expected to continue.