Esempio Learning Agreement Compilato

Links to the subjects of the host university should be inserted at the bottom of the first table. The language and level desired by the host university must be shown below (they must be the same as for the application to participate in the Erasmus programme). This is an example: you need to indicate the reason for the change (there is a table in the document that contains several possible reasons). This is an example: the document does not need to be signed. This is an example: after being approved by the teacher, the student must have the learning agreement signed at the foreign centre and have it entered into the “student field” of the International Office (N.B: you must register to access the student area and download the document). On the issue of credit, there is more rigidity. You may be able to support an 8-CFU material instead of a 9-CFU (z.B.). The difference doesn`t have to be much; the coordinator`s discretion is broader in this case. However, it is possible to help several topics that will be validated as a single topic (for example. B to support two 6 PCB materials abroad to replace one in 12 in Messina). All students must conclude the apprenticeship agreement at Uniweb during the following periods: the model of the apprenticeship agreement must be used by students who are on the move with the Erasmus learning programme Studio.Il apprenticeship programme is the basic instrument for recognising activity performed abroad. In the pre-mobility part, you must indicate the subjects you wish to support abroad (first table) and indicate which subjects of the University of Messina “replace” you (second table).

Yes, yes. Any assessment of the suitability or incapacity of the themes you have chosen must be made before signing. After the person in charge has signed, what is included in the learning agreement must be validated at readmission. The apprenticeship agreement is also used to create this type of guarantee. Before departure, the student must complete the apprenticeship agreement and authorize it for study. The applicant`s name should be included, the payment period (“autumn” for the first semester and “spring” for the second half of the year) and the number of credits (expressed in sum). In the case of a stand-alone agreement, the student must send appropriate CVs and documents to the host institution, which decides whether to accept them or not. If this is the case, you must sign the apprenticeship agreement for the internship.