Wfse Collective Bargaining Agreement

2. Bargaining Unit 13: Only for the 13-member bargaining unit, when a senior employee is absent for a full or more position in the workplace, an employee of the collective agreements unit may be responsible for carrying out the higher classification tasks defined by the superior or director. (Note 1) A. The parties agree that all workers covered by this agreement, as a condition of their employment, will become members of the Union and will pay membership dues or pay agency fees, representation fees or non-association fees. This condition applies to all current and future employees. A representation or non-association fee may be paid in lieu of dues or agency fees after the Union has processed such a request and informs the university. B. In the vacancy notice of a position in a bargaining unit, applicants are informed of the inclusion of employment in a bargaining unit. The university will inform all workers, including new, laid-off, transferred, subsidised or decommissioned workers, of the exclusive recognition of the Union and the provisions of this article prior to the appointment to positions in the bargaining unit (s). This agreement does not set a precedent and does not reflect the position of one of the parties regarding the application of the language of the collective agreement before July 1, 2017. 7. Information on the recruitment and appointment of workers with regard to the positions of the negotiating units is made available to the Union on request. D.

Council sessions are held four (4) times a year and are convened within twenty-one (21) days from the application. Other meetings can be held by mutual agreement between the parties. No less than seven (7) working days before the convening of a Council meeting, the representative of the WFSE and the university`s supervisor agree on the following points: volunteers. Volunteers will not fill vacancies in the bargaining unit. c. Derogations at the previous point can be implemented by mutual agreement between the university, the Union and the worker. 50.1. The employer and the Union acknowledge that this agreement provides, through the appeal procedure and other administrative remedies, for an orderly resolution of complaints or disputes that may arise between the parties.