What Is A Forest Management Agreement

The scope of a forest management agreement in Alberta varies. The largest forest management agreement is located in northeastern Alberta and covers approximately 58,120 square kilometres. It is managed by Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc. The smallest with 585 square kilometres near Slave Lake is managed by Vanderwell Contractors (1971) Ltd. The government sets reforestation standards and receives annual reforestation results from all commercial timber owners. These results are monitored to ensure that reforestation is a success. Alberta currently has 20 forest management agreements, including three joint agreements. The scope of a forest management agreement varies and the owners of the agreement must adhere to rigorous forest management practices to achieve performance consistent with sustainable forest management principles and practices. They must also consider a wide range of forest values and social, economic and environmental factors, such as.B.: stimulating market demand for wood from responsibly managed forests is another priority set by the federal government. The parties concerned will work on clear and relevant information on the environmental performance of wood, which will allow a transparent comparison with other (construction) materials.

The Alberta government owns and regulates all forests on the province`s public lands. To harvest crownwood, forestry companies must have an agreement with the provincial government, known as forest ownership. In 1991, we obtained our initial forest management agreement (FMA), the safest forest management agreement in Alberta. Forest management agreements are activated in accordance with Section 9 of the Forest Management Act. The agreements allow a partner to have long-term rights to harvest wood from a given area for the development and growth of the forest industry. Agreement: West Fraser Mills Ltd. and Tolko Industries Ltd. Forest Management Agreement They are also creating an information campaign for consumers and commercial buyers of wood with the central message that it is the use of sustainably produced wood that actually preserves these forests. Other forest companies active in the forest management agreement: Contract holders assume significant responsibility and responsibility for forest management planning, in line with the Alberta government`s commitment to sustainable resource development. In addition, holders of forest management agreements should be the occasion for public consultation when developing a forest management plan for the territory. Our AMF area covers approximately 6.4 million hectares of boreal forest in northeastern Alberta. Two million hectares are considered a forest capable of harvesting, while nearly 4.4 million hectares are made up of wetlands.

We share our FMA territory with many other users, including the energy and transportation sectors, Aboriginal communities, recreational users and our seven quota holders. We are committed to giving something back to communities in and around our FMA territory through various scholarship and grant opportunities. Agreement: Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc.