Company Car Driver Agreement

At Toyota Fleet Management, driver safety is a top priority. One of our main objectives is that each partner also takes care of its drivers. With many years of fleet management experience, we provide fleet advice to help you define the right policies to protect your business and staff from work-related road accidents. Talk to our fleet management experts. The Enterprise Vehicle Directive provides employees with guidance on the acquisition, qualification and use of a company vehicle. A “company vehicle” is any vehicle that assigns [company name] to employees. This directive applies to all employees who use a company vehicle and applies during and outside of working time. Here, you indicate the type and model of the vehicle that your or the employees will drive, as well as the types of fuel, tolls, repairs, routine maintenance, general maintenance, registration and insurance covering the business. This section will help distinguish between employer and worker responsibilities.

Cars are polluting and expensive to use. We will try to make environmentally friendly cars available to staff where possible. We also expect our employees to use their company cars wisely, taking into account the impact on the environment. Examples of cases where function cars do not need to be used: an employee who has a function car is allowed to drive the function car outside of working time, but must always comply with our guidelines on function cars. Make sure boarding is smooth from day one. It`s easy to download all existing documents, PDF files, media and web services (YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive or your corporate website). You can divide all the material into sections or chapters, so that staff can easily follow again. In addition, the end of the courses is totally visual, so tracking progress is easy for employees and managers – training is ongoing and means that employees can easily continue where they left off. Create quiz questions to make sure your employees understand the content covered. According to an NSW government report in 2019, work-related road accidents account for nearly 30% of workplace deaths. It`s not just a question of security! Between vehicle damage repairs, hospital bills and downtime due to injury, the cost of a service car accident can cause a huge gap in your final result.

We take detailed records of our company cars with manufacturing date and mileage. A car found to be too old or with high mileage is “removed from service.” With Connecteam, it`s easier than ever to improve training and onboarding. All training materials are available directly in the mobile app, so everything is immediately available whenever an employee needs it. You can create a source of knowledge about the library function so that key material is available with a click, for example. B the personnel manual, corporate policies, advice, policies and more. Employees who are entitled to a company car can be categorized into three categories: employees can qualify for a company vehicle if they need one kilometre or more per year for work purposes, if they need a service vehicle for their daily work, or if they need a vehicle advantage. If employees are involved in an accident with a company car, they should contact our human resources department immediately so that we can contact our insurer. Employees should not take responsibility or guarantee payment to another party in the event of an accident without the company`s permission. ABC Production will make reasonable arrangements to assist employees with disabilities, and employees with disabilities will be entitled to company cars and parking lots.