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A mural in Belfast, in memory of William of Orania and the Battle of the Boyne A fresco dedicated to the hunger striker Bobby Sands A mural in Belfast on collusion between the security forces and the paramilitaries of the Ulster Loyalist A loyalist in Belfast whispers the Good Friday agreement in the Irish Republican territories , the themes of the murals of the Irish Hunger Strike 1981 may rich. , with a particular focus on strike leader Bobby Sands; Murals of international solidarity with revolutionary groups are as common as those that highlight a particular subject, such as the Ballymurphy massacre or the Bar McGurk bombings. In trade union labour communities, murals are used to promote Ulster Loyalist paramilitary groups, such as the Ulster Defence Association and the Ulster Volunteer Force, and to commemorate their deceased members. Traditional themes such as William of Orania and the Battle of the Boyne, the Battle of the Somme and the 36th Ulster Division are also widespread. [1] By presenting the products in the online store, we offer you a firm offer to enter into an agreement for these items. The contract is considered concluded if you accept the offer for the products included in the basket by clicking on the order button. You will receive additional confirmation by email immediately after sending your order. A loyalist mural in Belfast in memory of the late Stephen McKeag, member of the UDA, All murals in Northern Ireland are not directly political or sectarian, with some memories of events such as the Great Irish Famine and other moments in Irish history. Many of us depict events of Irish mythology and images of Irish myths are often incorporated into political murals.

Some murals completely avoid the theme of Ireland and instead focus on neutral topics such as waste prevention and the novel C. S. Lewis The Lion, the Witch and the Closet. In Derry, there is a mural that shows the five main characters of the TV show Derry Girls. Murals that represent peace and tolerance are increasingly popular with school groups that have children, design or pay for murals in areas around their schools. Now that many paramilitaries are involved in community work, there has been a step forward in decommissioning many hard-fought murals across Northern Ireland (although this trend has been reversed in times of tension). [3] This change appeared again in 2007, when Bogside artists were invited to the Smithsonian Folk Life Festival in Washington, D.C. The three artists were invited to reproduce murals at the Washington Mall.

[4] A data processing agreement (DPA), in German, the data processing contract (AVV, formerly: data processing contract) is concluded by companies (Data Controller, Data Controller) when personal data is processed by a service provider dependent on instructions (Data Processor, Dataververarbeitung). The DPA guarantees both parties and regulates for both parties the specifics of the processing of personal data. For example, the breadth and purpose of memory and data processing.