Registered Rent Agreement Duly Registered Under Section 17

The unregistered abbey can only be used by the applicant in the case of a possession action and not withdrawal to prove the nature of the possession. Therefore, section 49 of the Act cannot be used to gain any advantage in a back-up action. The secondary objective is other than the creation, attribution, declaration, suppression or limitation of a right to real estate; Documents that require mandatory registration under the Registration Act 1908 can be used for warranties. In the case of Tek Bahadur Bhujil v. Debi Singh Bhujil AIR 1966 SC 292 The court held that if a document relating to the family agreement is made in writing for the purpose of using it as evidence, such a document would require mandatory registration, as the document would be declared on the consultation document for the future the various rights or rights or properties of each family member would acquire and enjoy. I did it. Section 28 of the Registration Act deals with documents referred to in Section 17 when these documents are submitted for registration to the sub-district sub-registry where all property or part of the heritage is located. Documents not mentioned in Section 28 are registered as sub-registrar in which the decree is executed. In the case of H.P. Puttaswamy/Thimmamma – Ors CIVIL APPEAL NO. 3975 OF 2010, the Supreme Court has determined whether the purchaser of a property is required by law before the relevant authority when the registration of a deed is carried out in accordance with the law.

The dispute in this case concerned a 4,500 square metre property located in the village of Hittanahalli Koppalu in Malavallu Taluk, Karnataka State (“Suit Property”). Under Section 23 of the Act, any document other than a will must be submitted for registration within four months of the date of its execution, subject to certain exceptions. The term “execution” refers to the signing of the agreement. Under these rules and regulations, all agreements for the transfer of a or property must be duly stamped in accordance with the provisions of the Bombay Stamp Act of 1958 before the document is submitted for registration. 2. Amendment of Article 17 of Act XVI of 1908.- In the Registration Act of 1908, the application to Sindh province is added to section 17 after item e): – In the case of Hansia/. Bakhtawarmal, AIR 1958 Raj 102 the problem in this case was the extent to which an unregistered document, which may be subject to compulsory registration under Section 17 of that Act, can be used in the proceedings. The document in question was a mortgage that was not registered. It has been observed that legal action for recovery on the basis of an unregured deed mortgage is necessarily falling because the purpose of the mortgage deed is to prove the mortgage.

The unregistered mortgage budget can only be used for warranty purposes, in accordance with Section 49 of the Registration Act. Hello You have an easy-to-navigate mailing site It was very easy to easily post (g) “A real estate sale contract.” xiii) each consideration of a rental contract if the corresponding rental contract was registered itself. It is also proposed that the registration of Sindh Province in Section 17 of the Registration Act should also be respected by the other states and incorporated into the federal law (Registers Act, 1908). The registration authorities in Punjab province are already complying with this provision with general instructions. Therefore, clauses (f) and g) in section 17 of the Registration Act can be added as follows: – which documents must be forcibly registered? To the extent that the person in possession of the estate was entitled, prior to the date, to the rights covered by Section 53-A of the Transfer of Ownership Act of 1882 (IV of 1882) if the conditions of this section are met: in accordance with Section 32 of the Registration Act of 1908, the provisions relating to the presentation of correspondence by an individual are dealt with.