Tenancy Agreement Guyana

Depending on the terms of the lease, we can process your electricity bills for you. Support will be provided to pay the electricity bill, maintenance bill and water bill. We will develop and enter into a lease agreement in collaboration with the landlord and tenant. (if necessary). If you are unable to attend, we will provide the necessary documents for a limited/specific power of attorney so that we or a representative of your choice can sign on your behalf. At the time of signing the lease, we will explain the restrictions, restrictions and responsibilities of both parties. InspectionsOur officer will coordinate with your tenant, inspect the unit and send you a report. Four (4) inspections over a year, at regular intervals or on the basis of need, are included in the package. However, a schedule of visits is drawn in advance and communicated at the start of the service.

Additional visits will be charged. The owner`s control over the property, measured on a five-point valuation scale: We help you protect your property, supervise your tenant and collect your rent. Ideal for homeowners or homeowners who cannot attend the accommodation regularly. Inventory Check We will inspect your property at the beginning of the contract, take photos and create an inventory list of all items available in the accommodation (such as furniture, furniture, etc.). At the time of moving in and evacuating, we will conduct a thorough inventory review to ensure that your property has been protected. At the beginning of the month, we will withdraw the rent and deposit into your bank account based on your instructions. Whether it is an investment or a potential home, it must be protected. Spectators and infidels usually act on real estate that is apparently unnoticed. If you can`t do it, we can do it for you. Be notified of any misuse of your property as soon as possible. Footnote | Export ranking: alphabetical | | ascending ranking Top-down Ranking For more details, you`ll find the data frequently provided. The resulting rating is the view of the Global Property Guide and not necessarily that of the contributing law firm (in cases where we have requested contributions and contributions to law firms).

Source: Global Property Guide Research, Contributing Law Firms Service charges apply only within the city limits (25 km radius). Additional service charges may be charged for locations outside the city limits. Each site is case specific and these need to be discussed. They bought an apartment or a house and it`s empty. They don`t want to rent it. But you still have to keep an eye on it. Is he devastated or abused? Is there damage to the water? Are the windows broken? Are there pigeons nesting in your kitchen? If you can`t monitor it, we can do it for you.