Cic List Of Sponsorship Agreement Holders

Parties to the sponsorship (including sponsors or the sponsoring group) include anyone who signs the undertaking sponsorship as part of an SAH sponsorship application. To benefit from sponsorship, a refugee applicant: Before adding a family or PA member, it is necessary to carefully check the definition of what a family member is under the IRPR. In fact, family members are not family members under the regulations and cannot be added to a sponsorship application. The sponsoring group identifies refugees for sponsorship and submits the refugee`s name to the Winnipeg Centralized Processing Office using the sponsorship kit. These are called sponsorship-related refugees. They are questioned on the merits by an official at a Canadian visa office after the application has been filed. The second part should only be completed by the group of sponsors. If you designate a representative for your first application, you do not need to submit a separate billing plan (IMM 5440). This section applies to all SAHs, regardless of the duration of your agreement with IRCC. You must complete it and submit it to us. This account does not need to be a formal trust account. A chequing or savings account with a Canadian financial institution is sufficient if there are at least two account holders. Only answer this question if the non-accompanying family members are listed on the sponsorship (IMM 5373): The Visa Office Referred Program (VOR program) is similar to the BVOR program, but requires sponsors to cover the full costs of the sponsorship.

We will not provide income support. The one-year period does not apply to family members who do not list you in these forms. These guidelines are intended to assist sponsor groups in planning sponsorship fees in the preparation of their sponsorship applications for filing with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Detailed information on post-arrival financial assistance can be found in frequently asked questions about the Private Sponsorship of Refugees (PSR) – Financial Assistance After The Arrival of RSPs (PDF, 61.1 KB). No, private sponsorships are for refugees outside Canada who meet the criteria of Canada`s resettlement and humanitarian resettlement program. If the sponsorship remains valid, regular processing is continued. This section should be carefully read and understood by all parties to the sponsorship. The following documents have been shared with SAHs via the SAH email list. For your convenience, they have been gathered here for easy access: Help with resolution: For each of the points listed in this section, let us know who is responsible for providing support….